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Most people suffer from Rapid Aging Syndrome and don’t know it.

Rapid Aging Syndrome is a condition in which one’s biological age is higher than one’s chronological age. Some people age at a slower rate than their chronological age, indicating healthier aging. In contrast, others age faster, suggesting potential health risks.

RMI offers anti-aging treatments that can help stop or even reverse Rapid Aging Syndrome and allow you to experience more youth.

Longevity Treatments

Stem Cell Infusion:


The core treatment to slow down cellular aging. Our cellular infusion therapies use the power of Mesenchymal Stem Cells to reverse aging, promote the body’s own repair, reduce inflammation, increase energy, and, most importantly, improve your quality of life and aging. This is the culmination of years of scientific research on regenerative medicine.

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Enhance Treatment:


Erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to define your life. Enhance is the result of collaborating with some of the world’s leading medical experts and research institutions in sexual wellness, combining the most effective cellular therapies to obtain regenerative solutions for intimacy.

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Ortho Treatment:


Using advanced cellular therapies, we inject stem cells under ultrasound guidance to treat joint pain using our proprietary protocols. This procedure treats the entire structural unit: muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints to stabilize, reduce inflammation, and improve function and longevity.

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Skin Treatment:

Experience the revolutionary power of Stem Cell skincare. By combining the power of microneedling with radio frequency and stem cell intradermal injections, this treatment restores elasticity and firmness, reduces fine lines, and aids in preventing new wrinkles.


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