Unlock the full potential of stem cells.

Stop Rapid Aging Syndrome using the most innovative stem cell therapy available.

Stem cell infusions represent a forefront therapy meticulously crafted to introduce the body to the transformative potential of stem cells. Mesenchymal stem cells, in particular, have gained acclaim for their remarkable aptitude in instigating tissue rejuvenation while concurrently orchestrating anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory responses.


Our advanced in-house laboratory produces top-quality mesenchymal stem cells sourced from meticulously selected umbilical cords. These cells are verified for their exceptional differentiation capabilities and cellular attributes using flow cytometry. Additionally, they are rigorously screened to ensure they are devoid of infectious agents.

Renowned for their distinctive attributes, these superior cells possess a remarkable ability to migrate towards inflamed and damaged tissues, where they interact with host cells to modulate immune responses, curtail inflammation, and stimulate tissue regeneration by activating resident stem cells.

Despite their genetic variance from the host, these mesenchymal stem cells are recognized for their minimal immune rejection due to the immune system’s inherent tolerance towards them. Numerous instances in scientific literature underscore their efficacy in enhancing various specific ailments and age-related frailty in human subjects.


  • Tissue Regeneration.
  • Reduced Inflammation.
  • Immune system regulation.
  • Longevity and anti-aging effects.

1. Premedication.

On day one, you are given premedication to prevent allergic reactions.

2. IV Access.

An IV access is usually established on one of your arms, where the infusion is given.

3. Intravenous stem cell treatment.

The stem cells are diluted in a physiologic fluid and slowly infused into your IV access.

4. Medical Discharge.

After the intravenous stem cell delivery is over, your vital signs are taken before medical discharge.

100% Science-Based Approach

The science behind RMI’s Cellular Aging Therapies has been developing for over two decades. Advancements in Epigenetics and the analysis of over 900,000 markers on the human genome provide unprecedented access to comprehensive information at the cellular level to direct aging intervention. We use this data to develop advanced, personalized treatment algorithms for treating and reversing aging at the Epigenetic level. Our team at Regenesis Labs has decades of experience in microbiology, clinical applications, and cellular innovation to ensure efficacy and safety in all our cellular treatments.