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Stop Rapid Aging Syndrome using the most innovative stem cell therapy available.

As you likely already know, most people are suffering from Rapid Aging Syndrome which is when one’s biological age is higher (older) than your chronological age. RMI has developed three core programs which are designed to help our patients at different levels and
needs throughout their journey in life. These programs all serve to slow, stop, or even reverse Rapid Aging Syndrome using the best and most innovative stem cell therapy available.

Regenesis One is one of our most popular personalized longevity programs for first-year patients. Over a twelve-month period, under the direction of RMI’s physician experts in cellular aging, our goal is to slow and even reverse the aging process. You start your journey by collecting and storing your cells for future use, then jump-start your immune system and the regenerative potential of your musculoskeletal system and finally maintain your healthspan and lifespan through our exclusive bioceuticals program.

Who Should Consider Regenesis One?

Many of us have accumulated DNA damage and will need to treat the hostile cellular environment by removing harmful senescent cells and flooding the body with healthy stem cells. These non-senescent healthy cells are also collected at the time of treatment for future use, aiding in improved immune, vascular and regenerative potential. Patients will receive their cellular infusion at the end of the first year of the program. Patient responsible for travel and accommodations expenses.

  • Senescent Cell Removal
  • Stem Cell Mobilization
  • Autologous Cellular Infusion of collected cells (1x)
  • Cellular Storage (Year 1)
  • Bioceuticals (Year 1)
  • Epigenetic Testing (2x)
  • Molecular Testing – DNA Damage Physiological Biomarkers
  • RMI Physician Oversight


START: 8 Days prior to collection | DURATION: 5 Days | DELIVERY: Oral medications


START: 3 Days prior to collection | DURATION: 3 Days | DELIVERY: Micro Injections


START: Day 9 | DURATION: 2-3 hours | TREATMENT: Non-invasive procedure. Patient is relaxed in the infusion chair while two IV’s are administered.

We believe everyone deserves to age gracefully, maintain independence, mobility, and youthful function.

All treatments Include all fees for staff and facilities, IV sedation, and ultrasound guidance as well as bioceuticals. All cell transplantations are performed by board certified surgeons. All procedures are performed in our Costa Rica facilities. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Costa Rica have everything our patients need for total mind and body therapies. Our expert staff, renowned physicians, and patient advocates attend to your every need.

**Plus and Prime Plans

100% Science-Based Approach

The science behind RMI’s Cellular Aging Therapies is over two decades in the making. Advancements in the field of Epigenetics and analysis of over 900,000 markers on the human genome provide unprecedented access to comprehensive information at the cellular level to direct aging intervention. We use this data to develop advanced, personalized treatment algorithms for treating and reversing aging at the Epigenetic level. Our team at Regenesis Labs has decades of experience in microbiology, clinical applications, and cellular innovation to ensure efficacy and safety in all our cellular treatments.