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Customized Anti-Aging Services to Meet Your Individual Needs

Most people growing older today face what is known as Rapid Aging Syndrome and want to know more about anti-aging solutions.

Rapid Aging Syndrome is a condition where your biological age is higher (older) than your chronological age. This syndrome is caused by factors such as environmental pollutants, poor lifestyle choices, and disease. RMI has anti-aging solutions to stop, or even reverse, Rapid Aging Syndrome and allow you to experience a greater level of energy and youthful function NOW.

RMI Anti-Aging Services:

Regenesis Programs:


RMI has three programs designed to address specific needs for our clients. These programs include Regenesis One, Regenesis Plus, and Regenesis Prime. Dependent upon key factors and where you are in your journey, most individuals find that one of these programs are a perfect fit for their individualized requisites.

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One of the key concepts at RMI is to supply your body and stem cells with daily amounts – of not only vitamins and minerals — but natural compounds which can help enhance the activity of key genes that combat faltering health and inflammation as we age. This new
category of “bioceuticals” has been designed to regulate these key genes.

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Using advanced cellular therapies, RMI injects stem cells — under ultrasound guidance – which treat joint pain using our proprietary protocols. Not only do we treat the joint space, but we also treat muscle, ligaments, and tendons.


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One of the most popular and exciting advancements in the use of regenerative medicine is in the field of aesthetics. RMI’s board- certified plastic surgeons are internationally renowned for their knowledge and expertise in aesthetics.


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