Meet our doctors

 Anti-aging Physician, Cellular Aging Expert

Dr. Vincent Giampapa, MD, F.A.C.S

Dr. Vincent Giampapa, MD, is the co-founder of RMI
 and a world-renowned medical doctor, inventor, and
 reconstructive plastic surgeon-microsurgeon
specializing in anti-aging and longevity medicine to
address the global aging dilemma. He is a former President of the International Society of Anti-Aging Medicine. He is also the author of five books on health and longevity and the first medical textbook on Anti-Aging Medicine and Age Management. Dr. Giampapa has been awarded 24 patents from the United States Government for unique cell culture delivery techniques, stem cell reprogramming, new drug delivery systems, and surgical instrument designs. He has received numerous awards and accolades for his work. Based on 34 years of surgical experience and 25 years of research, Dr. Giampapa is passionate about extending healthy life spans with enhanced functions and is one of the leading experts in anti-aging medicine.

Anti-aging Physician & Surgeon

Dr. Víctor Urzola, MD

Dr. Víctor Urzola, MD, co-founded RMI and is a celebrated plastic surgeon, microsurgeon, and stem cell aging expert.
Dr. Urzola has worked with Dr. Giampapa for over a decade to build RMI from concept to practice. Dr. Urzola is responsible for RMI becoming the only licensed stem cell facility and laboratory in Costa Rica after working at the Ministry of Health for almost seven years.

Dr. Víctor Urzola, MD, completed his training in plastic surgery at the University of Milan, Italy, and his training in microsurgery at the University of Henry Poincare, France. He has been in practice since 2006 and has treated patients from 28 countries worldwide. Dr. Urzola is a former President and current Vice-president of the Costa Rica Plastic Surgery Society. Dr. Urzola is a fellow in Stem Cell Therapies of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, a fellow in Epigenetics and Genomics at Stanford University and a fellow in Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University.


Anti-Aging Physician and Expert in Cellular Restoration, Business Applications

Dr. Federico Ugalde Prada, MD, MBA

Federico Ugalde Prada, MD, is a trailblazing figure at the forefront of medical innovation. He unites medical expertise with research, leading him to a profound understanding of biotechnology, regenerative medicine, and business administration.
He earned his Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery from Iberoamerica University (UNIBE). His dedication to pushing the boundaries of science led him to groundbreaking milestones in biotechnology and regenerative medicine.
Additionally, he holds an Executive MBA in both Business Administration and Sales Management. This unique blend of medical and business acumen has led him to pivotal roles, including Vice President at Establishment Labs, Country Manager at Masimo Internacional, and now his current role as CEO of RMI.
Ugalde’s multifaceted expertise is a testament to the potential of collaboration, innovation, and transformative thinking. As a leader at RMI, he guides his team in pioneering a world of lifelong wellness.

Associate Physician – Musculoskeletal Division Lead

Dr. Felipe Deliyore, MD 

Dr. Deliyore heads the Musculoskeletal Division with the sole purpose of helping the patients achieve their peak physical potential.

He is in charge of overseeing from start to finish all procedures treated with orthopedic stem cells, patient care, and implementing new science and technologies.

Previously, Dr. Deliyore was the Chief General Physician at CCSS, Costa Rica’s public health system, leading the frontlines during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic. He studied at the prestigious Universidad de Costa Rica, where he received a Doctor of Medicine degree and a Bachelor of Medical Sciences.

He is also the founder of Simple Strength Community, a Strength and Conditioning gym, which reflects his dedication to promoting a supportive fitness environment. He is co-host of Legacy, a nutrition and training-oriented Podcast, and has a beautiful French bulldog.

Chief Medical Officer – Pulmonologist

Dr. José Rojas, MD

José Rafael Rojas, MD, is a distinguished figure in the medical field, stands out for his analytical and preventive approach to medicine, paired with a remarkable ability to connect with patients on a personal level.
His journey into medicine was driven by a childhood fascination with space and the complexities of the universe, leading him to tackle the greatest mystery of all: the human body.
He earned his medical degree from the University of Costa Rica, specializing in Internal Medicine and Pulmonology, where he focused on respiratory diseases and airway procedures.
Over his 24-year career, Rojas has earned various accolades, published in top medical journals, and contributed significantly to medical academia. His relentless pursuit of knowledge didn’t stop with conventional medicine; it propelled him towards regenerative medicine.
As the Chief Medical Officer at RMI, he leads the medical team in delivering unparalleled patient care while also spearheading research and international collaborations to advance longevity.
Although Rojas has not yet reached space, he continues to be a guiding star in the medical community.


Anesthesia and Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Daniel Masís Quesada, MD

Dr. Masís is the Head of Anesthesiology at RMI. With over 23 years of medical experience, he heads the operating room, oversees anesthetic protocols, and ensures the highest patient safety and comfort standards. He has a deep interest in physiology and pharmacology, especially monitoring a patient’s pain and consciousness level during surgeries.
He completed his medical degree with Suma Cum Laude honors from Universidad Autonoma de Centroamerica and specialized in Anesthesiology and Recovery in Hospital México.
Masís has held various positions in academia and clinical practice, including teaching at universities and focusing on pediatric palliative care. He is a member of several professional associations, including the American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA). His publications on palliative care, both general and pediatric, reflect his wide-ranging interests in the medical field.
Masís is passionate about regenerative medicine, specifically for its potential to enhance life span and health span, allowing him to spend more years with his loved ones.


Associate Physician – Functional Medicine Division Lead

Dr. Valeria Tinoco, MD

Dr. Tinoco is a visionary physician on a mission to transform the healthcare landscape. After graduating with honors from the prestigious Universidad de Costa Rica, she did her surgical residency at one of San José’s leading hospitals.
However, her profound dissatisfaction with witnessing preventable surgeries sparked a pivotal turning point in her career. Tinoco turned to functional medicine, focusing on integrative approaches for overall well-being. Here, she found her true calling.
She pursued a genetics and genomics certification from Stanford University. Armed with this knowledge, she has revolutionized patient care at RMI as the Functional Medicine Division Lead, tailoring treatments to individual genetic profiles and needs.
Tinoco is deepening her expertise in a functional medicine fellowship with the American Academy of Antiaging and an MBA program at INCAE Business School.
Through her relentless pursuit of knowledge, Tinoco empowers her patients to take charge of their health and well-being, one life-transforming step at a time.