Meet Our Doctors

Anti-aging Physician, Cellular Aging Expert

Dr. Vincent Giampapa, M.D, F.A.C.S

Dr. Vincent C. Giampapa, MD, is a world-renowned plastic surgeon, inventor, and researcher, specializing in anti-aging medicine. He is a former President of the International Society of Anti-Aging Medicine. He is also the author of five books on health and longevity and the first medical textbook on Anti-Aging Medicine and Age Management. Dr. Giampapa has been awarded 24 patents from the United States Government for unique cell culture delivery techniques, stem cell reprogramming, new drug delivery systems, and surgical instrument designs. He has received numerous awards and accolades for his work and is one of the leading experts in anti-aging medicine. Based on 34 years of surgical experience and 25 years of research, Dr. Giampapa is passionate about extending healthy life spans with enhanced functions.

Professional Associations:
  • Visiting Scholar, The Sinclair Lab at the Paul F. Glenn Center for Human Aging – Harvard University, Boston Mass.
  • Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging
  • Founding Member & First President, American Board of Anti-aging Medicine
  • Previous Associate Clinical Professor, Rutger University
  • Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer, Optigenex Inc. (OPGX)
  • Co-Founder, and Chief Science Officer, Healthycell
  • Founder, Chief Medical Officer, The Regenerative Medicine Institute
  • M.D.
  • Board Certification, Plastic, & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Board Certification, Anti-aging Medicine
  • Cellular Aging
  • Anti-aging Medicine
  • Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery
Anti-aging Physician & Surgeon

Dr. Victor Urzola, M.D.

Dr. Victor Urzola completed his training in plastic surgery at the University of Milan, Italy, and his training in microsurgery in the University Henry Poincare, France. He has been in practice since 2006 and has treated patients from 28 countries worldwide. Dr. Urzola is a former president and current Vice-president of the Costa Rica Plastic surgery society. Dr. Urzola is the Co-founder of the Regenerative Medicine Institute and is a fellow in Stem Cell Therapies of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He is also a fellow in Epigenetics and Genomics at Stanford University and a fellow in Stem cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University.

Professional Associations:
  • President, Costa Rican Society of Plastic Surgery (ACCPRE)
  • The Italian Society of Plastic Surgery
  • European Society of Aesthetic Surgery
  • American Society of Aesthetic Surgery
  • M.D.
  • Board Certification, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Board Certification, Anti-aging Medicine
  • Cellular Aging
  • Anti-aging Medicine
  • Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery
  • Iberoamerican University, San Jose, Costa Rica – Medical Degree
  • University of Milan, Italy – Training in plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • University Henri Poincare, France – Training in microsurgery
  • Policlinique de Gentilly, France – Fellowship in facial aesthetic surgery
  • Ramsey Surgical Center, New Jersey, USA – Fellowship in body contouring and post-bariatric plastic surgery
Anti-Aging Physician and Expert in Cellular Restoration, Business Applications

Dr. Federico Ugalde Prada, M.D, MBA

Dr. Federico Ugalde Prada, M.D, MBA received his Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery from Iberoamerica University (UNIBE). He has done extensive stem cell research at Medistem Inc. Panamá (Panamá City) where he completed breakthrough studies in biotechnology and regenerative medicine. Combining business and medicine, he received his Executive MBA in Business Administration and Sales Management in 2016; he combines the best of both worlds. Dr. Federico is the Chief Operational Officer for RMI after over a decade of experience in the field with both research and hands on experience in the fields of stem cells and business applications.

Professional Associations:
  • Innovators Accelerator Program
  • First Adult Stem Cell Congress, Panama City.
  • Clinical Skills, National American Board of medicine USA
  • 2015-2016 Executive MBA: Business Administration
  • 2015-2016 Executive MBA: Sales Management
  • 2011- Stem cell research
  • 2001-2008: Medical Doctor. Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery, Iberoamerica University
  • 2017-Present Chief Operational Officer- RMI & Regenesis Lab
  • 2017-2020 Senior Director Latam- Establishmentlabs
  • 2013-2017 Country Manager Mexico-Latam Central America, Colombia & Venezuela. Masimo Internacional
  • 2011-2013: Medical Researcher, Medistem Inc. Panamá (Panamá City)
  • 2010-2011: Medical Researcher, Medistem Inc. Panamá (Panamá City)
  • 2008-2009: Emergency Room Director, National Insurance Company

Dr. Felipe Deliyore, MD

Medical doctor with ample clinical and international experience in private and public medicine. Adaptable, proactive, with a strong work ethic, thriving on delivering quality health care through my experience and knowledge.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency, CCSS, San Jose, Costa Rica (2021 to 2022) Public healthcare with emphasis on a large population of patients with multiple musculoskeletal and neurological disorders; as well as academic
excellence and knowledge gained on rehabilitation methods and applied biomechanics.

Sports Medicine Entrepreneurship (2022) Owner of ̈Dr. Strength ̈ as a social media-based entrepreneurship on medical education on emphasizing lifestyle interventions for optimizing health.

General Practitioner, CEACO, CCSS, Costa Rica (2020 to 2021) ICU healthcare during the COVID19 pandemic, emergency services, night shifts and multiple procedures.

General Practitioner, Hospital Clinica Biblica (2019 – to 2020) Provide emergency and hospitalized medical consultation, night shifts, ambulance transfers and ample experience with international patients.


  • Universidad de Costa Rica — Doctor of Medicine, Graduation with Honors (2017 to 2019)
  • Universidad de Costa Rica — Bachelor of Medical Sciences (2012 to 2016)
  • INCAE Business School, Costa Rica — Diplomate in Hospital Management (2021)
  • BLS, ACLS— 2021
  • Ethical Clinical Practices and Investigation — UCIMED (2021)
  • Spanish — Native Language
  • English — International Christian School, TOEFL grade C1
  • Italian – Instituto Dante Alighieri, B2 level
Expert in Pulmonary Medicine

Dr. Jose R. Rojas-Solano , M.D.

Dr. Rojas was born in Costa Rica on February 19th, 1978 and is married with one son. Dr. Rojas lives in San Rafael de Heredia, Costa Rica.

From 2011 until the end of 2021, Dr. Rojas trains all postgraduate young doctors studying pulmonology during their clinical practice at Hospital México in San José, CCSS. He is the main lecturer for  several of their final research projects that are mandatory for graduation. He has also been a professor for three different clinical courses regarding internal medicine at the same university. Over the last decade, Dr. Rojas has led the pulmonary unit at Hospital Mexico, he brings a breadth of expertise and knowledge to the team regarding pulmonary needs and other internal concerns. 


Noted Publications:
  • Rojas-Solano JR, Ugalde-Gamboa L, Machuzak M. Robotic bronchoscopy for diagnosis of suspected lung cancer: a feasibility study. Journal of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology 2018; 25(3): 168-175
  • Long AC, Rojas-Solano JR, Light RW. Bronchoalveolar lavage. En RodriguezVillar S, Amballur DJ (Eds): Critical Care. 2018: Marban International. Madrid, España
  • Fremont R, Rojas-Solano JR, Light RW. Massive hemoptysis. En RodriguezVillar S, Amballur DJ (Eds): Critical Care. 2018: Marban International. Madrid, España
  • Rojas-Solano JR, Montero-Arias MF, Ugalde-Gamboa L. Pneumonia at the ICU. En Rodriguez-Villar S, Amballur DJ (Eds): Critical Care. 2018: Marban International. Madrid, España
  • Montero-Arias F, Cartin-Ceba R, Rojas-Solano JR, Ugalde-Gamboa L, RamosEsquivel A. Pleural effusion size as prognostic marker in patients with malignant pleural effusion: a retrospective cohort study. Pleura 2015; 1: 1-5


  • Licentiate and Doctor in Medicine and Surgery, School of Medicine at University of Costa Rica — 1995-2001 

    Fellow Graduate in Internal Medicine with Honorific Mention, Postgraduate Studies Program, University of Costa Rica — 2003-2007

    Visiting Research Fellow, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville Tennessee — 2008

    Fellow Graduate in Pulmonary Medicine with Honorific Mention, Postgraduate Studies Program, University of Costa Rica — 2007-2009

    Interventional Pulmonology Trainee, Department of Interdisciplinary Endoscopy, Thoraxklinik at Heidelberg University, Germany — 2009-2010

  • Pulmonary Medicine
  • Internal Medicine

Daniel E. Masís Quesada M.D.

I have been providing anesthesiology services to Dr. Urzola’s patients for the last fifteen years.

Not only we are colleagues but close friends that work in a very precise and professional manner. We all work together as a staff and know each other very well; we are calibrated to use the proper safety protocols for our patients.


  • Anesthesiology Attending Physician 2008-2022
    Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (Costa Rican Social Security System) at Hospital México, San José, Costa Rica.
  • Associate Professor 2015-2022
    National Anesthesiology training program at Universidad de Costa Rica.
  • Anesthesiology Residency Training 2004-2008
    Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social at Hospital México, San José, Costa Rica.
  • Associate Professor at the Pharmacology Department 2008
    Universidad Iberoamerica UNIBE, San José, Costa Rica.
  • Medical Attending 2001-2004
    Clínica de Cuidados Paliativos Pediátricos (Pediatric Clinic of Palliative Care), San José, Costa Rica.
  • Associate Professor 2001
    Physiology Department at Universidad Latina (Latin University), San José, Costa Rica.


  • Post Graduate Studies 2004-2007
    Anesthesiology and Recovery at Hospital México, Universidad de Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica.
  • Undergraduate Studies 1996 -2000
    General Medicine. Universidad Autómona de Centroamérica (UACA), San José Costa Rica.
Professional Associations:
  • Member of the College of Doctors and Surgeons of Costa Rica.
  • Member of the Costa Rican Society of Anesthesiology
  • Member of the American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA)

Dr. Richard Striano

 Dr. Richard Striano brings an advanced skill set to RMI medical team with experience in the application of biological non-surgical treatment of orthopedic conditions. He was among the first doctors to qualify, sit for and pass the credentialing examination in musculoskeletal ultrasound an earned a pioneer certificate by the American Registry in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Dr. Striano received his diagnostic and interventional ultrasound training at The Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development, Andrews Orthopedic Institute, The Orthobiologics Institute, The Interventional Orthopedic Foundation, and MSKUS. He is teaching faculty for physician ultrasound training at the OrthoSono conferences. He sits on the board of directors of the Interventional Orthopedic Foundation. Dr. Striano was the first in the USA personally trained on the FDA cleared Lipogems procedure by its founder, Carlo Tremolada, M.D., Milan, Italy, an adipose derived regenerative cell procedure for orthopedic applications in 2015. He has published peer-reviewed studies in orthopedic journals following Lipogems for advanced osteoarthritis in the shoulder with rotator cuff tears and advanced osteoarthritis in the knee with meniscus tears. He brings this experience to all biological procedure using stem cell from Lipogems, and umbilical cord stem cells. He has presented at IFATS (The International Federation of Adipose Tissue and Science), The Orthobiologic Institute, The Rockefeller Institute of Stem Cell Research and Science, and The Interventional Orthopedic Foundation.

Following the patient-specific mapping, calculations of stem cell populations needed from fat or umbilical cord are made for each tissue structure, the number of structures needing treatment, and the volume each injection requires. Following the map and final calculations, each site is injected one-by-one using high-definition imaging to precisely guide the injections within one millimeter of the intended target, thus ensuring 100% accuracy.

Dr. Striano has diagnosed and participated in the treatment of more than seven hundred joints with Lipogems and has diagnosed by imaging and participated in the ultrasound image-guided treatment of more than thirty-thousand interventional procedures.

The RMI team approach does not stop there. Dr. Striano along with the RMI team stay with each patient following treatment with unlimited phone consultations and Dr. Striano personally stays with each patient to follow up, assess outcomes, coach and guide the RMI aftercare process. Dr. Striano along with the RMI team, from bench to bedside are data-driven, and outcome-dependent. On a voluntary basis, we collect outcome data to publish, coordinate and continuously improve our approach. The RMI team approach blending point of care diagnostic imaging, whole joint investigation, customed cellular formulas, and precision image-guided injections has led to the 80%-85% response rate we are seeing.


Valeria Tinoco Chavarria, M.D.

Medical doctor with vast experience in multifunctional teams. Proactive, flexible yet consistent with a strong work ethic. Highly motivated to learn and apply my knowledge.


  • General Surgery Residency, CCSS, San Jose, Costa Rica (2020 to 2021)
    Experience in the public sector, with high volumes of hospitalized and emergency department patients; as well as academic excellence. Best score of admission 2020.
  • General Practitioner, Medired CR, Peninsula de Papagayo, Costa Rica (2019 to 2020)
    Provide medical consultation to international clients.
  • General Practitioner, Beachside Clinic, Guanacaste, Costa Rica (2019)
    Provide medical consultation, night guards and ambulance transfers to regional hospitals.


  • Universidad de Costa Rica — Doctor of Medicine, Graduation with Honors (2017 to 2019)
  • Universidad de Costa Rica — Bachelor of Medical Sciences, Graduation with Honors (2012 to 2016)
  • King’s College London, UK — Clinical Rotation King’s College Hospital, Grade Honors (2017)
    BLS, ACLS & ATLS — 2019
    Genetics and Genomics — Stanford School of Medicine (2021)
  • Spanish — Native Language
  • English — Anglo-American School and Country Day School, EILTS Advanced level C
Registered Nurse

Lohendy Herrera Azofeifa

Lohendy Herrera is the Registered Nurse here in Costa Rica at RMI. She is the main caretaker of RMI’s patients. Her responsibilities range from taking out the IV, to being by the patient’s side as they leave for the airport. Lohendy is also responsible for educating the patients about the aftercare needed after their arrival home – a vital step in the journey. In her spare time, Lohendy loves going to the beach and spending time in the beauty of Costa Rica’s famous natural areas.