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Our Experts Will Target and Ease Your Pain with Anti-Aging Orthopedics

Reduce pain and enjoy life fully.

Our orthopedic program uses high-potency mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s), derived from umbilical cord tissues. Produced in RMI’s own state-of-the-art laboratory in San Jose, our RegenesisXC orthopedic stem cell product is injected under high definition ultrasound guidance into the affected joint, ligaments, tendons and muscles. During the diagnostic point of care exam, our orthopedic staff will map the entire joint complex using high definition ultrasound. The team then takes this map and develops the treatment plan for injecting into the targeted areas. The precision mapping and injection plan produces the greatest possible outcome for our patients.

Why is our anti-aging orthopedics approach unique?

Our team of orthopedic specialists has treated thousands of orthopedic issues using stem cell technology. We use
high-definition ultrasound imaging to map the entire joint space, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This allows us to diagnose the entire structure for damage and then create a personalized treatment plan for each joint. By treating the entire joint complex, we repair the tissues supporting the joint as well as the joint itself. This technique has produced successful outcomes for hundreds of patients over many years.

How to Get Started:

For more information about the different Regenesis Programs, please contact Dana Herrera at dana@rmi-international.com
or 855-920-2310 (ext. 1).