Enhance Treatment

Regain your confidence.

You’re not just getting treatment; you’re regaining control of your life.

52% of men ages 40-70 experience some form of erectile dysfunction in their life. Clinical studies suggest that stem cells have the potential to rejuvenate tissues, boost blood flow, and enhance nerve function in the penile region.


Enhance treatment uses a powerful combination of stem cell injections, shockwave therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It also includes IV stem cell infusion, hormone assessment, and lifestyle recommendations to obtain what matters most: results.

With RMI’s Enhance treatment, 67% of patients witnessed a significant improvement in sexual function. On average, their scores on the SHIM scale, measuring sexual function, soared by 4.8 points on a scale of 0 to 25.


  • Enhanced quality of erections.
  • Restored libido.
  • Rejuvenated intimacy.
  • Improved quality of life.

1. Intravenous Mesenchymal Stem Cells.

IV infusion of umbilical-cord stem cells oriented from the bloodstream to the areas of the penis treated with shockwave therapy, where they’ll help to restore damaged tissues and their function.

2. Shockwave Therapy.

Advanced technology delivers controlled energy through the penile tissues, stimulating the formation of new blood vessels to increase blood flow.

3. Penile Stem Cell Injections.

A certified urologist performs a 30-minute procedure using high-resolution ultrasound to anatomically target the six sites where mesenchymal stem cells are injected into the corpus cavernosum.

4. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Sessions.

This innovative treatment improves the oxygen supply in the treated tissues, thereby increasing the survival and efficacy of the injected stem cells and stimulating the formation of new blood vessels.

100% Science-Based Approach

The science behind RMI’s Cellular Aging Therapies has been developing for over two decades. Advancements in Epigenetics and the analysis of over 900,000 markers on the human genome provide unprecedented access to comprehensive information at the cellular level to direct aging intervention. We use this data to develop advanced, personalized treatment algorithms for treating and reversing aging at the Epigenetic level. Our team at Regenesis Labs has decades of experience in microbiology, clinical applications, and cellular innovation to ensure efficacy and safety in all our cellular treatments.