RMI is the only institute treating the cellular aging process.

RMI has developed solutions to treat accelerated aging at the root cause – your cells.

First, we address the “hostile microenvironment” in our bodies through the removal and inhibition of harmful (age accelerating) senescent cells. We then release billions of healthy stem cells – all three stem cell types to support your immune, vascular, cartilage, bone, muscle, and neural tissues. This is your first regenerative therapy. Subsequent cellular infusion(s), as necessary, will continue to optimize cell functions for improved healthspan and lifespan. Ongoing bioceutical support at our stem cell treatment center helps to restore and maintain the internal environment our cells live in (niche) and enhances the function of both our body cells and stem cells.

Improved Healthspan & Longevity

Nobody wants to grow old. But the simple fact is, we are all aging. Most of us are aging at an accelerated rate — our biological age exceeds our chronological age. Loss of function and poor health can mean the loss of independence and time with family, friends, and loved ones.

RMI does not accept this as an inevitable result of the aging process. In fact, we have developed solutions, utilizing the latest technological advancements in epigenetics, cellular therapy, and molecular medicine. These treatments are not available in traditional medicine and healthcare systems. RMI’s goal is to ensure people have access to therapies which allow them to age with hope and the confidence of knowing they will experience improved health, quality of life and youthful function.

Early cellular intervention is the ideal state. Collection and storage of your stem cells from ages 19 to 49 is Bioinsurance for your future health. However, for older patients who have missed this window, RMI offers cellular aging therapies that provide a profound impact on the aging process and are designed to create improved healthspan and lifespan.

Science Based Approach

The science behind RMI’s Cellular Aging Therapies is over two decades in the making. Advancements in the field of Epigenetics and analysis of over 900,000 markers on the human genome provide unprecedented access to comprehensive information at the cellular level to direct aging intervention.

We use this data to develop advanced, personalized treatment algorithms for treating and reversing aging at the Epigenetic level. Our team at Regenesis Labs has decades of experience in microbiology, clinical applications, and cellular innovation to ensure efficacy and safety in all of our cellular treatments.




1. We start with establishing your key physiological biomarkers and Epigenetic testing, along with Specialized Lab testing to evaluate your DNA Damage and Free Radical Levels.


2. This provides us the ability to demonstrate and quantify improvements in your aging process. Testing may be done at any RMI facility.

Treat, Collect, Store


1. Your first treatment will include removal of harmful senescent cells from your body and release billions of regenerative stem cells into your body.


2. During your first treatment, we will collect all three stem cell types for storage and processing and future use.



1. Receive annual cellular IV treatments (or more frequently if necessary) at our world class facilities in Costa Rica and/or Panama. You will also receive an oral, daily bioceutical regimen as part of your personalized program.


2. Re-testing as needed at 6-12-18 month intervals to monitor and document improvement.