Empowering people to transcend the boundaries of aging.

Aging is the single biggest risk factor in virtually all diseases.

And yet, the traditional health system doesn’t allow you access to the innovative treatments and technology transforming the way you age.

The traditional medical model doesn’t focus on aging as a condition in and of itself – it treats the symptoms of the disease, not the root cause. We know how frustrating it can be to find real solutions to your age-related concerns.

Using stem cells’ regenerative potential, we can now treat the most common age-related conditions by slowing – and even reversing – the cellular aging process. This is the key to a longer health span and additional youth in life.

Success Stories

Experience groundbreaking regenerative treatments so you can spend more time doing what you love.

We believe no one should lose their health and independence as they age.

We understand how painful and confusing it can be to find solutions for aging.


With RMI on your side, you can enhance your potential to live healthfully, beautifully, and longer.

A 30-minute consultation with RMI could change your life.


Schedule a consultation.

This 30-minute Zoom call lets us learn about you and share our science and longevity plans to determine whether we’re a good match.

All your questions will be answered during this consultation.


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Experience the full potential of RMI’s exclusive Regenerative Treatments tailored to your goals and needs. Our comprehensive plans are customized with the latest cellular therapies, bioceuticals, lifestyle, and biomarker testing to ensure you receive the best possible results.


Begin your health journey.

You are embarking on an innovative age intervention journey with benefits like reduced inflammation, improved mobility, and enhanced quality of life.

“I’m grateful for the therapy, which is healing a wound that I’ve been saddled with for now over four years. It was good luck that I found my way to RMI. Thank you so much! ”

-Joe P

“After my stem cells in March 2021, I feel stronger, have more energy, and I’m definitely sleeping better. At 87, working every day…it’s been life-changing.”

-Bubba L.

“Before I was treated at RMI, I was frustrated with my doctor telling me the same old thing…. it’s just part of getting older. And then giving me another prescription to take.
Within days of being treated, I was almost in tears at how much better I felt. My sleep, energy, focus, and pain have all improved. Wow….just wow.”

-Gail D.

“The level of expertise, professionalism, and the entire team went out of their way to educate us and make us comfortable and confident in our decision.”

– Michael A.

“RMI’s team was first class from their initial contact through the entire patient experience to follow up after treatment. Their research-driven approach and knowledge are second to none. I have recommended several friends and family to RMI, and I will continue doing so in the future.”

– Chris T.

“We had an amazing experience. I am so obliged.
Wilhelmina and I sincerely feel the way [RMI] treated us is just like a family. We thank them from the core of our heart.”

– Mike & Wilhelmina

“The RMI approach uses the newer stem cell and gene technologies to attack aging. After an initial consult, we signed on with RMI to address our concerns about aging directly. We’ve made several trips now to their offices in Escazú, San José, Costa Rica, and it’s been a very enjoyable trip each time.”

– Misty & Kyle